Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tramp Ball

Always remember that the crowd is always watching you.
So do not mess up or you won't get the trophy.

So then, Riley kicks the ball off by throwing it very lightly so I can catch it.

Then I start to run. The first thing you should know is to dodge the other players.

That's what will happen if you do not dodge the players. You get tackled. So you do not get injured.

Next play you throw the ball to the other player and hope that he catches it and you can block the other person.

It looks like he will catch it, so he will start running and I do too because if he catches it I can block Riley faster.
Like I am right now. It is hard to block someone who is older than you, but I didn't care and I got in the game.
So I make my play again and hope that Timothy catches it. Riley tries to block it. So I throw it really high so he cannot block it. I am lucky if he doesn't.

Then I faked the ball and it looks like I threw it but I didn't. I start to run and they get closer to me. I try to dodge them by doing some tricks. You need high agility to do that.

Then on the last play of the game, I throw it to Timothy because he is wide open. He catches it. He starts to run. I am hoping that he get a touchdown. I start to block Riley. Riley starts to block me and Riley got passed me. I chased him again and started to block him still. It hurt a little because he is older than me. Timothy is close to a touchdown now so I do not stop blocking Riley and I accidental fell. So he went and got passed me. Timothy was about 10 yards away from the end zone, then Riley helped me up and I started to block him. Now Timothy is about 5 yards away from the end zone. He does some tricks around Riley and I tackle Riley so he doesn't get up. But I can't tackle him and he tackled Timmy at the 1 yard line. So we had to do a filed goal. We started the play, Riley blocked me when Timothy was trying to kick it. Then Riley got past me, so I grabbed on to his legs, he was going slow and he almost blocked Timothy so I got up and for a while I tried to block for Timothy and it was close to missing the field goal and he got it and we won.

I call it Tramp Ball because we are on the trampoline and we're playing football.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Me Playing Hockey

My pond got frozen because it was 2 degrees under zero.

I didn't have a hockey stick, I had a golf club.

We used rocks and ice as a puck.

It was fun, I hope the pond freezes again.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Me Shooting My Dad's BB Gun

When I shoot a BB gun it is a hit. Sometimes it's a bullseye. It is fun.

There is something that helps me aim. It is little. I never shoot somebody in my family.

I am setting the cans up. I am setting the cans up because I shot them down. I like stacking them like a statue. It is fun. I like to hit the Diet Coke because it my favorite soda.

I am about to shoot a can. I shot the other ones down. It was easy. I make them do flips when I hit them. I'm a good shooter.

I am kneeling because the cans are low.

I like the BB gun very good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Top Teeth

First I lost one tooth on top and then I lost the 2nd tooth on the top.
Both of them were bleeding when I got them out. I yanked my 2nd tooth out.

The dentist yanked out two more teeth. They gave me medicine so it wouldn't hurt.
The medicine made me tired too. In the waiter's room I fell asleep from the medicine.

At the very end they put gauze in my mouth because my gums were bleeding.
I was brave. I got a toy.

This picture is when it wasn't bleeding. You can see my teeth missing now.
I can eat a carrot but it is hard. I have to use my back teeth. I got $25. I bought a Lego set. It was Agents. I built it. I had to miss school for 2 days.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Teeth

My 4th tooth fell out. I yanked it out. It hurt and bleeded. It was in the front. I can only eat cut up apples. I can eat corn on the cob if I use the side teeth. I have a bump in the middle now.
I got $2 for my tooth.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Tooth

My 3rd tooth came out on Tuesday. It bleeded at first then it fell out. Sometimes when I put my finger in the hole from my tooth I think I am smashing my finger.

I do not know how I got that spot on my lip.

I put my tooth downstairs somewhere and then I lost it. But I still got paid. I got 1 dollar from my Dad.

The end.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Birthday

My birthday was the best because I had a big present. It was Lego Agents. It has a lot of pieces. The car was silver, but I couldn't finish it because I couldn't find the piece. It's gone, I can't find it. My Mom is going to help me find another piece so I can finish it.
Aunt Kristy sent me a computer game, it was fun and hard. She also sent some money. I'm going to spend it on Legos or Bionicals. I will like them.
Aunt Koo-koo gave me a gift card that had money in it. I bought a motor cycle game, a Bionical, two swords and Legos. I bought 2 swords so I could battle my brothers.
Thank you Aunt Kristy and Aunt Koo-Koo for my presents.
I had a cupcake tree. The top one had candles on it. My mom will buy me another cake for me another day.
OK that is the end.